Two Valley natives appointed to state's committee for people with disabilities

By: Crystal Martinez

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Two people from the Valley have been appointed to the state's committee for people with disabilities.

Evelyn Cano and Joseph Muniz were chosen to help represent people in the Valley with disabilities, something Cano says she doesn't take lightly.

"I have a son who is 13 years old and he's on the spectrum and he really did change the purpose of my life when he was diagnosed,” said Cano, co-founder of the RGV Disability Chamber of Commerce.

Muniz has been advocating for the disabled for more than 20 years. He says his personal trials only make him want to work harder to help the people who need it the most.

"I am mostly blind, visually impaired and I also have severe hearing loss, so I use hearing aids,” said Muniz. “I'm considered deaf-blind so it's something very personal to me."

The two agree that employment needs attention at the moment.

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