US Coast Guard Chases Mexican Lancha

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NEAR SOUTH PADRE ISLAND – The U.S. Coast Guard encountered a drug trafficking operation involving a Mexican fishing boat near South Padre Island.

Officials said the boat was believed to be loaded with drugs.

Coast guardsmen gave chase by water and with air support, but the vessel made its way back to Mexican waters.

Commander of the Corpus Christi Sector Cpt. Tony Hahn sent the following statement, which reads in part:

“This case was a Mexican lancha suspected of trafficking illegal drugs. Coast Guard boats and helicopters initiated pursuit when the lancha was discovered. After an extensive chase, the lancha made it to Mexican waters and Coast Guard assets stopped their pursuit.

According to Captain Tony Hahn, Commander Sector/Air Station Corpus Christi, “Our helo and boat crews did a phenomenal job balancing the pursuit of this lancha, while ensuring the public’s safety. We face a consistent threat from Mexican lanchas involved in illicit trafficking and illegal fishing and we are extremely dedicated and committed to stopping all illegal maritime activity.”


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