Valley animal shelters advising the public to microchip their pets due to stormy weather

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Valley animal shelters say they’re worried about displaced or lost dogs due to Thursday’s storm.

According to the RGV Humane Society, it’s common for pets to get scared by the rain and thunder and wander off — and end up at shelters.

“We are already critically full in an emergency situation when it comes to space, and we anticipate next week it's only going to get worse,” RGV Humane Society Director Luis Quintanilla said. 

As the Valley gets into the stormy season — and eventually hurricane season — more showers will happen, meaning more dogs will potentially wind up at shelters.

Animal experts say there’s one crucial thing you can do now to make sure if your animal is lost, you can get them back.

“The most important thing any pet owner can do is make sure that their pet is microchipped, and making sure that that microchip is up-to-date with all of the information,” Quintanilla said. “People think that a microchip is like a GPS, it’s not. It’s more like a barcode, and it only works if you scan it."  Quintanilla also recommended dog owners bring their dogs indoors during severe weather to prevent them running away. 

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