Valley community giving back for Thanksgiving

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For some people, Thanksgiving is about spending time with their loved ones, and for others, it's about giving back.

Dave Farias came across the Hidalgo-Reyna International Bridge to pick up some decorations and gifts to take back to Mexico.

"We sell them, and with that money we usually just take them out, and we buy something for — just mass amounts of food and give them to the homeless," Farias said.

Like Farias, Alma Ruth is also giving thanks in another way.

Her family visited refugee camps across the RGV. They took necessities for them women and their children.

"It's a way for our family to give thanks to God for everything that we have received, and it's to give thanks for them," Ruth said.

In the season of giving, both say it's important to be mindful, grateful, and thankful.

"You know giving out to the homeless, giving out to people, you know sharing your kindness and your heart with everyone else," Farias said.


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