Valley doctor recommends booster vaccine

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Experts are urging people not to abandon protective measures against COVID-19 as the Omicron variant inches it's way closer to the U.S. 

The variant has already made its way to Canada. Doctor Sohail Rao, DHR Health research president and CEO, says it's likely already in the U.S.

Rao mirrored comments made by President Biden and said while its cause for concern, it's not a reason to panic.

"We need to raise our level of caution,” Dr. Rao said. “We need to practice what the CDC has said: wear a mask, maintain social distance, try to minimize our social congregation or gathering if we do not know the status of people around us, and please get vaccinated."

Dr. Rao says he has no doubt the vaccine will be effective against the Omicron variant. He also recommended those vaccinated also receive their booster vaccine.

"If there was no motivation previously, you now have a very good reason to actually get the booster,” Rao said. “So get yourself a booster, if you qualify to get a booster, if you're an adult all adults can now get a booster."

Dr. Rao says they'll know more about the variant in the next couple of weeks.   


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