Valley doctor warns lack of sleep could impact health

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Sleep is a major factor when it comes to our health.

After the time changes twice a year, the number of car accidents tend to go up. One Valley doctor says not getting enough sleep will do more harm than good.

Dr. Juan Sarmiento has been treating sleep disorders in the Valley for eight years. He says getting between seven to ten hours of sleep is crucial.

"Sleep is basic for us to work properly, for human beings to be functioning persons and to keep our health," Dr. Sarmiento said.

Sarmiento says not getting enough sleep can lead to cancer, heart disease and strokes. He says the Valley should take extra caution given our position as America’s number one obese region.

"They have excess tissue in their neck,” Dr. Sarmiento said. “When they sleep, they relax; there's no airflow, the airwaves collapse and there's no airflow and they are not sleeping well."

Another factor that can be harmful to sleep? Electronic devices.

"Screens that are very bright: iPad, iPhones, bright TV’s— they will mess up your sleep if you use it too late or too long," Dr. Sarmiento said.

Sarmiento says our brains confuse the bright light as daylight and says it's best to cut screen time two hours before sleep.

If you can't put down the phone, Dr. Sarmiento recommends using a blue light filter and turning down the brightness.

He also says if you feel you're getting enough sleep but don't feel rested, that's a sign you should see a doctor.


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