Valley hospital offering cheaper mammograms through October

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During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, many Valley hospitals will be offering mammograms at a low cost.

Health experts with Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen say some factors that contribute to breast cancer are family history of breast cancer, obesity and diabetes.

Director of Imaging Services at Valley Baptist Medical Center Joey Govea says during the pandemic people were not getting regular screenings done, now doctors are finding more people at risk.

Govea says men can also get breast cancer and adds that some risk factors include age, history of breast or other cancers, and not getting regular screenings.

"As far as the other factors that contribute to diabetes, yes, obesity, yes, family history, yes. And I touched on dense breasts. That is something that is typically more prevalent in the Hispanic community down here in the Valley. Up to 64 percent of the females in the Valley have dense breasts," Govea said.

Govea says in October Valley Baptist will be offering 2D mammograms for $99 and 3D for $149 and screenings bought in October can be used up to six months after purchase.


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