Valley Made: Local Strong: Rhythm Room Dance Studio

By: Cecilia Gutierrez

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Marissa Harris loved to dance, and it eventually became her business. 

“We were tired of teaching at clubs and we decided that we wanted a place to be able to nurture student’s growth and really focus on dance,” Harris.

So nine years ago, Rhythm Room Dance Studio in McAllen was born.

“We actually started in one little room in this building and it just kind of grew from there, Harris said. “It's cardio, it's strength training, you're always working different muscles, and different dances work different muscles.”

Dancing isn’t just great exercise, Harris said.

“You get to meet new people, you get to make connections, it's just a great a great way to lift your spirits too,” Harris said. “We've had so many people come here and they'll give us their testimonials about how it's changed their lives, how they're made so many great new friends, and feel better, and how dance is just so uplifting."

The Rhythm Room Dance Studio has had to make some changes to classes since the pandemic started, including everyone continuing to wear a mask and social distancing between all dancers. 

"We have a limited amount of occupancy in our studio,” Harris said. “But the other thing that we've been able to do is we've transitioned to outdoor classes so we actually have a dance floor that we take outside, we take over the parking lot.”

The dance studio offers classes in salsa, bachata, ballroom styles like tango and waltz, country, cumbia and swing dancing, Harris said.

Those interested in taking a class don’t need to be enrolled, Harris added. 

If you want to get some exercise in or have some safe, socially distant fun, you can stop by every Thursday evening for a couple of classes at 7 p.m. or check out the Rhythm Room Dance Studio in McAllen on Facebook. They're Valley Made, and Local Strong.


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