Valley man seeking disability accommodations on border gates on his property

By: Tanvi Varma

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There have been a wide range of concerns regarding the construction of border wall projects in the Valley.

Mission resident Jose Alfredo Cavazos owns 65 acres of land along the Rio Grande River and is currently facing challenges due to border construction. 

On Dec. 21, the Trump administration asked a federal judge for immediate possession of Cavazos’s land. The filing shows that the U.S. deposited $347,887 to the courts as compensation for about 6.6 acres of Cavazos's land. 

According to the Declaration of Taking Act, the government can get immediate possession of land as long as the government deposits compensation to the registry of courts and a judge signs off the motion. 

The government wants to build the wall on top of the levees already in place on Cavazos's land. He said he has been asking to get disability accommodation for the gates that will be put at the entrance of his property. 

"...Provide me with some kind of remote control so I can open it," Cavazos said. "Since I am in a wheelchair, it's going to be hard for me to get down and push buttons to open a gate."

But he has not gotten a green light. 

Watch the video for the full story. 


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