Valley Mother Saddened by Justice System

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WESLACO - A Valley mother is reliving the memory of her son. He was killed two years ago in a mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. 

Esmeralda Leal says nothing will ever replace her son Frank Escalante Hernandez. 

He was among 49 people killed by a gunman inside the Pulse Nightclub in June 2016.

Friday, a jury found the gunman's wife not guilty for her alleged role in the attack. 

Noor Salman was acquitted of providing material support to a foreign terrorist. 

Leal says she received letters about the court dates, but chose not to attend. 

"I didn't want to go,"  she said she didn't want to be apart of the sentencing, "I didn't want that on my conscience."

Salman was accused of misleading law enforcement, and helping her husband plan the attack on the nightclub. A jury found her not guilty. 

Leal explains her feelings towards the verdict, "It makes me sad, more than anything because of the law. (sic) I would have, at least, liked to see her get some time."

Leal says her son was hard working and full of dream. It hurts her that his life was cut short. 

She wants wants the family of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting to stay strong and continue honoring the legacy of their loved ones. 

"I can imagine how they feel," Leal says, "We should have faith that in spite of the bad, there's so many more positive things in life."

Hernandez was weeks away from turning 28-years-old before his death.

Leal says she finds peace knowing her son spent his time on earth living life to its fullest. 


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