Valley Pharmacists Warn About Medication Due to Heat Increase

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WESLACO - The summer heat in the Rio Grande Valley is prompting a warning from pharmacists.

Ibuprofen and allergy medications are just a few over the counter drugs that can increase the risk of heat related illness this summer.

A normal work day for Marco Gonzalez requires him to be out in the sun for hours.

"I would play various sports and for work and stuff like that," he says.

Gonzalez takes allergy medications; he says he pays attention to the side effects, but one caught him off guard. 

Pharmacist, Nario Cantu says what Gonzalez experienced is most likely due to his allergy medication.

 It's called phototoxicity, the most common type of drug sensitive reaction, which certain medications can cause.

Cantu says the best thing people can do is ask a pharmacist about the medications they’re taking.

For more information watch the video above.


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