Valley representative reacts to new redistricting maps

By: Tanvi Varma

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State lawmakers passed new redistricting maps that could alter the political landscape of the Valley.

Cameron County will be seeing plenty of changes. 

District 37, represented by Rep. Alex Dominguez, a Democrat, will now include all of Brownsville. Currently, it only includes part of it.  

Dominguez says Republican lawmakers made the change with a specific purpose in mind.

“They've packed Brownsville with as many Hispanic and Democrats as possible to make it a super blue state district, and then they diluted the more rural parts of District 37 in the hopes of making it a little bit more competitive,” Dominguez said. 

Other districts will also be changing. San Benito will be in District 35, which means people will have to go to Mission to see their representative. 

An advocate for the Fair Maps TX Coalition said the public was not given enough opportunity to review these maps.

Gov. Greg Abbott is expected to sign off on the maps.

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