Valley student receives full scholarship to Brown

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A first-generation student from Economedes High School has not only been accepted into an Ivy League school but also received a full-ride scholarship. 

Valentin Garcia is getting ready to attend Brown University this fall.

“I was left speechless. If anything, my counselors and my friends were screaming more than I was,” Garcia said. 

At that moment, Garcia realized all the struggles he faced over the years were worth it. 

“I’ve always told my kids, you go to school to study, not to waste time," said Beatriz De Leon, Valentin's mom. "Your only job is to study and stay focused.”

Despite his family’s financial struggles, Garcia always remained committed to his studies, taking a particular interest in math and music.

As a student at Economedes High School, Valentin took advanced classes, even self-studying other courses to get ahead. He’ll also earn an associate's degree in math from South Texas College before graduating from high school.

Garcia plans to double major in math and physics. 


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