Van Pushes Man in Wheelchair on Palmview Road

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PALMVIEW – A video showing a man in a wheelchair being pressed against the grill of the van surfaced on Monday. It appears the man to be encouraging it.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS wanted to know exactly what happened.

Sgt. Arnold Sepulveda, spokesperson for the Palmview Police Department, says it’s an idea that could go wrong.

"It's not recommended but he helped out in which way he could,” he says.

We contacted the company the van belonged to, Del Pueblo Adult Daycare. The company's owner did not want to speak on camera.

But they did introduce us to Mr. Gamboa, the man who was in the wheelchair.

“Sometimes you’re in a hurry and you don’t pay attention to things,” he tells us.

Gamboa says he got stuck when his battery died midway between the adult daycare and his home, a distance of about a mile and a half.

He says the driver of the van was out on his normal route when he spotted him. He says he made one request.

“For him to push me slowly, not quickly, so I can be in control,” he explains.

He says the driver ultimately got him to his house.

The owner of the adult daycare says it’s not part of their policy to push a wheelchair, and it’s something they’ll never do again.

Gamboa says next time he hits the road, he’ll make sure to ask for the right kind of help and ensure his battery is fully charged.

Palmview police also recommend anyone with a relative who has an electric chair should keep an eye on them, especially if they go down the street for errands.

Sepulveda adds if you see someone in trouble, don’t hesitate to call police to make sure traffic is under control.


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