Veteran’s group vows to help one of their own

By: Marisol Villarreal

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Reymundo Reyes and his wife are currently living in a sight that many would not want to see inside their homes.

The roof of their home is caving in, the wooden floors are falling off and the couple depend on only the air from outside for ventilation. 

Reyes served in the Navy from 1968 to 1972 and is a stage 2 cancer patient. His health hasn’t helped his living situation – and finding help hasn’t been easy. 

"I can't do anything,” Reyes said. “With the treatments and… I can't be sitting down for too much, I can't be laying down too much without having pain. I've been through FEMA I've been through programs, you know trying to answer questions and do this and no answers."

A local organization dedicated to helping fellow veterans is stepping up to help Reyes - is calling on the community to also help with their efforts. 

"He's got this house that is falling apart, his wife is living here with him and he's going to need help,” Ricardo Peña, a commander for America’s Last Patrol Delta Area said. 

“And we are just asking for whatever anybody can help with we would deeply appreciate it."

Peña said he received the call about Reyes and his condition from members of the Hidalgo County Veterans Services office in McAllen. Peña and his team are ready to get to work after fully assessing the areas of Reyes' home that need repairs. 

"Everybody knows that a veteran shouldn't be having this kind of problem,” Peña said. 

Those interested in helping Peña with the rebuilding efforts can contact him at 956-393-8678.


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