Water Meter Leak Causing Frustrations for La Feria Family

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LA FERIA – A Rio Grande Valley man wants a water company to fix a leak on their water meter. They said weeks have gone by and nothing was done.

The La Feria family was frustrated and blamed a lack of communication with the Military Highway Water Supply for the delay in repairs.

Iris Avalos said she and her husband discovered a water leak near their meter a few weeks ago. She said she reached out to Military Highway Water Supply but wasn’t given any answers.

“A couple of days later, he finally heard from them that they drove by and saw the water in our ditch. They saw the water in our neighbor’s ditch, so they were going to come by later to see what was there. We came home later to find just flags outside of our property. And since then, they haven’t returned and the water is still there,” she said.

Avalos said the leak created a large stagnant pool of water. She’s voiced concern about her family’s health.

“Mosquitoes worry me a lot because out here, we do get a lot of mosquitoes especially after big rain when water piles up. So I don’t want to take my daughter out when a lot of water piles up, because Zika is an issue that has always scared me from the moment I was pregnant,” she said.

The leak actually starts on Avalos’s property and creates a river of water that comes down to a second even bigger pool of water in front of her neighbor’s yard.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS went to the Military Highway Water Supply for answers. General manger, Ramon Rosales, said fixing the leaks take time.

“We spot the lines because you can have gas lines, telephone lines, electrical lines, underground. So we cannot dig till that’s been spotted, and that’s for the safety of our operators on the equipment, and also for the customers because we don’t want to interrupt their services,” he explained.

After speaking with us, and hearing Avalos’s concerns, he assured us a crew will be at her house Tuesday evening to address the problem.

The company kept their word and Avalos contacted us to say the water meter leak was fixed.

Rosales said customers need to check on the status of their service request by calling the water company. 


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