Week one of Victor Godinez trial wraps up

By: Christian von Preysing

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Jurors were presented with footage of the moments just after a long manhunt for Victor Godinez on the fifth day of his trial.

Godinez is charged in the death of Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Moises Sanchez, who prosecutors say died in August 2019 after Godinez shot him four months earlier.

Godinez also faces two counts of attempted capital murder of a peace officer.

On Friday, DPS body camera footage was presented in court that showed Godinez handcuffed and laid down on a gurney inside an ambulance.

Godinez had been shot prior to his arrest.

The footage showed Godinez making whooping noises.

Troopers were instructed not to ask Godinez questions.

A trooper testified that before Godinez arrived at the hospital, his voice was heard saying, “I remember that trooper pulling up next to me and I shot him, is he alright?"

Defense attorneys Oscar Rene Flores and Jaime Aleman doubled down on a key question to officers: Was Godinez slurring his words, or did he appear intoxicated?

The defense for Godinez is still waiting to present their evidence after the prosecution rests.

The trial continues Tuesday morning.

For more testimonies that were presented on Friday, watch the video below:


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