Weslaco chemistry teacher goes all-in on virtual learning, transforms garage into science lab

By: Marisol Villarreal

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Amid the pandemic, teachers are looking for new ways to keep their students engaged.

Joe Zambrano, a chemistry teacher at Weslaco High School, transformed his garage into a classroom.

"I tell my students: If you want to learn how to play basketball, you don't read about basketball," Zambrano said. "You get a basketball and you play on the court. Teaching science, unfortunately we're not in the classroom right now. So I decided, you know what, let me just turn my garage into a classroom where I can at least try to show as much as possible."

Zambrano said the setup, complete with a projector, bookcase and lab table, allows him to show his students as much as possible.

"Teachers just need to be there for all these kids," Zambrano said. "There's a lot of social, emotional learning going on and, as teachers, we're being taught that right now because it's different."

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