Weslaco Homeowners Told Flood Waters Can't be Drained

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WESLACO – A few blocks of a Weslaco neighborhood are still underwater; homeowners are being told there is nothing that can be done to help.

Mary Salazar says in previous years, the county would help with standing water.

This time Salazar was told the county couldn’t help because the road she lives off of belongs to the Texas Department of Transportation.

"I don't care who it belongs to the fact of the matter is our homes are getting all messed up," she says.

According to Salazar, TxDOT said they don’t drain water.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to TxDOT about Salazar’s concerns.

TxDOT says they are blocking traffic to reduce the amount of water flowing in to homes.

They add there is no place for a pump so residents will have to wait until water reduces on its own.

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