Weslaco Resident Concerned about Expansion of Nearby Military Base

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WESLACO – A new military base in Weslaco is lighting up the whole area around it with portable lights.

Nearby residents are concerned about the expansion of the base on Pike Boulevard as civilian workers recently put in the perimeter fence in close proximity to their properties, as well as portable lighting that shines into their properties. 

"I mean, it's super dark here and I like it dark, and last night they put on the lights all over the place. I couldn't sleep," explains resident Roy Ramirez.

Thirty-year veteran Ramirez says it’s already causing trouble with his post-traumatic stress disorder.

KRGV’s Christian von Preysing reached out to the U.S. Army Northern Command, which oversees the base, to find out more about the plans for the troops.

Ramirez says he’s hoping for more information from the military on what they’re doing.

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