Willacy Co. Exception to Rule for Early Voting Turnout

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RAYMONDVILLE – Turnout for early voting in Willacy County was the exception to the rule in the country.

The county only had 1,887 people, about 15 percent of registered voters, turn out for early voting.

"Look at the street, you don't see no signs, nobody, a sign of nobody. What does that tell you? Go to McAllen, go to Edinburg, go to all those towns where people really go out and vote. They got canopies and stuff like that," says Raymondville resident Antonio Arriada.

Arriada believes polling locations should be moved to a place that would be more effective in enticing voters. 

KRGV’s Frank McCaffrey reached out to Willacy County Elections Administrator Mary Barrera about the expected Election Day turnout.

"I'm thinking that we are having a good turnout. A lot of people wait until Election Day to go out to vote. So I'm hearing maybe 30 percent of the elections, of the people that are registered will turn out to go vote,” says Barrera.

Barrera says when combined with the number of people who came out for early voting this year, the number should be over 40 percent of those who were registered.

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