Woman Calls on City Public Works to Fix Flooding Pothole

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WESLACO - A Weslaco woman said a troubled pothole is making living in her home unbearable. She claims the city knows about the problem and hasn't done anything about it. 

For 15 years Juanita Moreno has called a Weslaco apartment, located near Dolores Huerta and 1st streets, her home.  She has witnessed many storms and they have led to a nearby manhole flooding many times.

"It's nothing new, it just happens," said Moreno.

She said several times over the years she's seen black, soot-filled water pour from the troublesome spot, and Sunday was no different.  

Moreno added the city has looked at the issue but claims nothing has been done.  

"They come and take pictures, and they watch and everything and same thing. So, hopefully this time they'll start doing something," she said. "It really comes out and the smell is ugly. But like I tell you, it's been there for years."

CHANNEL 5 NEWS went straight to Weslaco Public Works Director Pete Garcia to find out what can be done to fix this problem. Garcia said his department is planning to fix the flooding manhole. 

He said the manhole has been an issue for several years. This time, he said, his department will solve the problem by "adding a deeper manhole, just west of the manhole right there. And then, add additional lines actually. A line will be connected further north. And then another manhole right in front of the school."

Garcia said the project to fix the manhole will start July 17. The city of Weslaco is looking at various contractors to hire for the job.

Moreno said she is happy the city is planning to fix the problem.

Garcia added he wants the community to help keep drains from being clogged. He said when rain, trash and leaves often clog the storm drains. When a drain is clogged, it takes longer for the water to go down and the city experiences more flooding.

He recommends all Weslaco residents clear loose papers, grass, trash and leaves from their yards.

"We only have so many employees. We cover the whole city. We just ask for some help. If they can help us, if every citizen will clean their curb that would really alleviate, I'm not saying completely take care of the whole problem, but at least alleviate the flooding," he said.

Garcia added if you see trash near or covering a drain in Weslaco call the city Public Works Department at 956-973-3146.


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