Woman Frustrated after Road-Widening Project Put on Hold

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NEAR MISSION – A Rio Grande Valley mom says she just wants to get her child to school on time.

She says a major construction project gets in their way. But she adds no one has worked on the project in months.

Araceli Alanis tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS the road-widening project is halted and construction barriers and equipment have stood idle for far too long.

“It’s ridiculous having to wait 30 minutes to get – drive a half a mile,” she says.

She says she drives her son to school and goes to work through the traffic and project every day.

“It’s not going to take a short while to do the project. But when you see three months, four months go by and not one soul is working on that project, yeah that’s when it starts getting worrying,” she says.

The expansion stretches from FM 107 to La Homa Road.

The Texas Department of Transportation public information officer, Octavio Saenz, sent us the following statement about the delay, which reads in part:

“Utility issues had been delaying the project but as of Friday, April 6, 2018 utilities have been cleared and construction work will resume next week.”

Alanis says she wishes the design and planning finishes soon.

“It’s risky to go on a construction area with a lot of traffic and especially, in these areas where people don’t respect the law, and they don’t make stops, and they just drive recklessly,” she says.

The project is slated to be finished in January 2019. 


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