Woman Misses ‘Fine Print’ In Used Car Contract

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UPDATE (4/18): A McAllen car buyer says she could be getting her money back. 

Enriqueta Garcia told CHANNEL 5 NEWS she never received the title to the car she bought more than a year ago. 

On Wednesday, she said the salesman agreed to look into returning her money. 

We asked the Better Business Bureau about car buys such as Garcia's. 

"It's very important that you see the paperwork at the point of sale. You need to request to see the paperwork," said Dolores Salinas, the South Texas BBB president. 

Salinas adds if you suspect fraud, you should file a claim to the tax assessor-collector in the county you bought the vehicle. 


MCALLEN – A McAllen woman says after a year with her car, she still has yet to receive the title.

Fifty-nine-year-old Enriqueta Garcia says the car she bought in 2017 still sits unused in her driveway.

She says the salesman never gave her the title.

Garcia tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS in the past year, she has relied on buses and walking to get her to and from work.

The 2014 Ford Focus she bought has a dent on the right side.

“He told me he couldn’t give me the title until I fix that car,” she says.

Garcia says the salesman would charge her $1,000 for the repair on top of the $4,800 she already paid in full for the purchase of the car.

“It was too much – expensive,” she says. “So, I tried to find another solution but I couldn’t. I couldn’t.”

Garcia says she now wants out of the sale.

“Please give me my money back, and take your car because I can’t do anything with this car in that condition,” she says.

But four bold letters at the bottom of the form Garcia signed for the car – “SOLD AS IS” –  stop her from getting her money back.  

The salesman tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS they have been trying to work with her and will have the title in the office for her to pick up.

They say the downfall is she cannot get her money back.

Garcia says she will try to stop by the business for the title on Tuesday.


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