Woman says death certificate incorrectly listed the cause of her grandmother's death as 'COVID pneumonia'

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After 80-year-old Cresencia Quintana started coughing up phlegm, her family had her hospitalized.

On July 25, the family heard from Rio Grande Regional Hospital: Quintana had died.

Two weeks later, the family received her death certificate.

Her immediate cause of death was listed as "COVID PNEUMONIA." It also listed "PNEUMOTHORAX," "URINARY TRACT INFECTION" and "MULTIPLE INFARCT DEMENTIA WITH APHASIA" as contributing factors.

"It said there that she had died from COVID," said her granddaughter, Elizabeth Montemayor. "My family, my aunts and I were in shock because how is it possible that someone who died of COVID was able to have a funeral service?"

Montemayor said she checked with a floor manager at Rio Grande Regional Hospital, who told her that Quintana had tested negative for COVID-19.

Montemayor also filed a formal complaint with the hospital.

Asked about the situation, Rio Grande Regional released a statement.

"Due to patient confidentiality, we are unable to disclose any patient information," according to the statement released by Rio Grande Regional. "Please know we are currently working with the family to address their concerns."


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