Be informed before hitting the polls: Hidalgo County Elected Officials say do your research

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This year, Hidalgo County will administer four local elections.

Election officials said they want to clarify any confusion voters may have about the process before they cast a vote.

Hidalgo County Elections Administrator Yvonne Ramon said before voters make their way to a polling site, they should consider doing their research.

While some people have addressed concerns about the safety of voting electronically, Ramon said there's nothing to worry about.

"It's a direct recording device, it's not online," Ramon said. "There's no way to get online, it's very safe and secure because it's not able to be infiltrated in anyway, because it's not capable."

Although 1,600 people have voted early, election officials encourage people to review the sample ballot if they haven't done so already; often, decisions are made at the polls when they should be made before.

"We want our voters to be informed voters," she said. "Don't let it be the first time you see your ballot when you're there."

Click here to view a Hidalgo County sample ballot. 

Ramon said the county is working to eliminate any confusion regarding which specific precinct to vote in.

"In Hidalgo County elections, all you have to do is, when you check in, we have the capability with an access control number that will be given to you before you go to the machine, it is already pre selected for you," Ramon said. "An informed voter is the best kind of voter."


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