Border Patrol agents find 60 undocumented immigrants at McAllen hotel

By: Alyssa Cole

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Border Patrol agents found 60 undocumented immigrants at a McAllen hotel Tuesday morning, according to Border Patrol Agent Jesse Moreno. 

Agents responded to the Motel 6 located near Expressway 83 after receiving a tip about people being held there. 

Agents say they found 60 undocumented immigrants, including nine unaccompanied juveniles, in eight hotel rooms.  

It's unclear how long they had been there. Moreno said the people entered the country illegally from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Mexico. 

All 60 people have been transported to a local Border Patrol station for further processing. 

Border Patrol asked the public to report any suspicious activity by calling 911. 

"Smugglers will use hotel rooms, private homes, abandoned buildings, trailers, the brush on occasion, to put people in temporarily while they move them north further into the United States," Moreno said. 

McAllen police and other local authorities also responded to the scene. 

The case remains under investigation.


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