Brooks Co. Wildfire Spreads into Nearby Ranch Land

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ENCINO – The Brooks County wildfire has reportedly burned 8,000 acres of land. The fire has affected the western central part of the county.

Crews are keeping it contained with bulldozers working on the fire’s borders to keep it from spreading.

An estimated 900 acres of Alto Colorado Ranch was burned by the fire. The Brooks County wildfire spread Monday night into the land filled with dry brush.

Workers at the ranch spent the day surveying the damage on the property.

“The fire kind of jumped the fence last night, and it started kind of blowing north and probably, maybe between 600 and 900 acres, burned a lot of oaks,” Josh Marshall said about the ranch.

Cattle and other wildlife wander on the ranch. Marshall said during the fire the ranch workers and firefighters worked to keep the animals safe.

“As soon as we saw it sparking up, and then the fire department and everyone out there, pretty good concerted effort to kind of get everything moved around and do the best to save the livestock, which is the livelihood for everyone out here,” he said.

Crews have been able to contain much of the fire that started on Sunday. Texas A&M Forest Service spokesperson Logan Scherschel said they’re concerned it will grow again.

“Tomorrow we’re looking at the winds switching coming out of the north and increase in speeds. The humidity is going back down and that can lead to a lot of fire growth,” he said.

Scherschel said crews worked on the south side of the fire where there have been problems with containment.

He also said the fire is now 50 percent contained. The cause of the fire is still listed as unknown. 


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