Brownsville Market Days Serves as Local Artists' Showplace

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BROWNSVILLE – A new type of market event was created in Brownsville and it is giving local artisans a chance to display their work and sell.

The event is called La Lunada at Linear Park and it's going into its third month.

“We named it La Lunada, it’s moon. And we just thought of something in the evenings for families to do,” Shannon Guerrero, the city’s parks and recreation event coordinator, said.

Guerrero said they started a farmer’s market about six years ago. “I wanted to do a vendor market, so that’s what we did,” she added.

There’s about 70 vendors, everything is made by all types of local artists.

“This is a family-friendly event. They can come and watch a movie, they can eat. They can shop. They can play in the park. So that’s why it’s just something for families to do in the evening,” Guerrero said.

They hold it on the fourth Saturday of each month and it’s always in the evening.

“And the best thing about it is it’s at night when things start cooling down,” one attendee said.

The market is open from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

“This is beautiful. I’m very glad the city has come up with this kind of event where anybody and everybody could participate,” one woman said.

There is plenty of different food vendors for the attendees to try. And for the shopping – there is jewelry and art pieces for people to purchase.

And entertainment is also part of the event such as a live giant chess game.

“This is a great event. It gives us a chance to display our merchandise,” a vendor said.

La Lunada is in Brownsville at the Linear Park and it is every fourth Saturday of the month. 


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