City of Combes distributing bottled water to residents due to unsafe tap water

By: Stefany Rosales

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City leaders in Combes continue to warn residents against consuming their tap water – even if they boil it.

On Friday, the city announced the tap water had elevated levels of nitrite, which can pose health risks.

The city distributed bottled water to residents and said they are working with the city of Harlingen – where the water comes from – to correct the issue.

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"We're treating the water as we speak now, and so we're going to retest the water in a few hours or in a day or so," Combes Mayor Marco Sanchez said. "As soon as we have an answer as to when we can turn the water back on, we will do so. Right now, I'm still under the guidance of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality] to make that happen."

Officials also advising parents to not bathe their baby in the water, adding that it will take some time to get the water issue resolved.

The city will continue to distribute bottled water as long as supplies last at the Combes Community Center – located at 21626 Hand Road.

Proof of address is required.


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