City of Pharr travels to Uvalde after mass shooting to show support

By: Allysa Cole

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The Pharr Fire Department and the Pharr City Commission traveled to Uvalde last week to show support to the Uvalde community after a deadly mass shooting that left 21 people dead.

Pharr firefighters delivered $10,740 in donations from Valley residents to the Uvalde Strong Survivors Fund. 

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"It feels great that we were able to help in some way," Pharr Fire Investigator Ruben Vera said. 'Although nothing can change the feeling that these people are having, that the nation is having basically, not just the City of Uvalde - but it feels good to know that we did what we could to try and comfort them a bit."

Pharr city officials also took care packages and teddy bears with notes of love to bring comfort to the children of Uvalde. The Pharr Police Department also brought along "Ammo", a certified therapy dog to put smiles on children's faces. 

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"We are all in this little blue planet together," Mayor of Pharr Ambrosio Hernandez said. "We all feel the pain that families suffer when they have a loss of a loved one and it's absolutely essential to show the world and especially to the people in Uvalde - the city of Pharr is no different."

Pharr city officials shared hugs and stories within the Uvalde community to bring them comfort in these hard times.

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