Clear Bag Rule to be Enforced at Boggus Stadium in Harlingen

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HARLINGEN - Certain bags will no longer be allowed in the Boggus Stadium in Harlingen, they will now have to be clear.

To join the celebration you will need to follow new guidelines.

Chief Academic Officer for Harlingen schools, Alicia Noyola, says any bags fans want to bring inside will have to follow certain rules.

The bags allowed must be clear, plastic, vinyl or PVC.

In other words, security guards must be able to see through it.

These bags cannot exceed 12 inches, no backpacks will be allowed in, no mesh or straw, duffel bags, diaper bags or camera cases.

The only non-clear bag that will be allowed can't be larger than the size of a hand.

Enforcement will begin on their first varsity home game.

People with medical needs might get exceptions after proper inspection.

For more information watch the video above.


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