Construction Project in Palmview Causing Dust Concerns for Residents

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PALMVIEW - A construction project is causing concerns in a Palmview neighborhood.

Residents who live by the project say the dust from the construction of a new sewer nearby is out of control.

Sierra Martinez lives with her three kids on Breyfogle Road. 

This summer she says she sent her son to be with her husband in  Indiana because the dust was too much for him.

"It's so bad; he gets infections real bad," says Martinez.

Her family says - the dust is everywhere.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to the lawyer for the contractor in charge of dust control for the project.

They told us they've been watering it twice a day.

"Even with that, the heat that we have right now dries it up so fast."

He says if the company waters down the road more than that, they run the risk of making it too dangerous for drivers.

Local doctor, Ricardo Abreu, says being exposed to high intensity dust can aggravate allergy symptoms.

"I recommend that you stay inside the house, close the window, use the air conditioner and change the filter of the air conditioner. If you have to walk by through the construction area and there's a lot of dust I recommend to use a mask," he says.

Abreu adds there are special filters that can help kids with asthma such as the HEPA filter.

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