Defense Reviewing Bank Records in Yzaguirre’s Trial

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BROWNSVILLE – State prosecutors are focusing on the Cameron County tax-assessor collector’s financial records in court today.

An investigator with the district attorney’s office testified he researched Tony Yzaguirre’s bank records from 2010 to 2015.

William Mitchell, the investigator with Cameron County DA’s office, told the jury he subpoenaed six different banks to gather Yzaguirre’s bank statements.

He focused on cash deposits Yzaguirre was making, telling jurors that Yzaguirre frequently deposited cash at different banks on the same day.

Mitchell said Yzaguirre made over $1,200 cash deposit transactions during that time, totaling more than $329,000 - not including his salary.

The investigator also testified while some of those case deposits were designated as rent monies collected from Yzaguirre’s properties or BBQ fundraisers, more than $240,000 was cash deposited and couldn’t be explained.

The defense asked for more time to review the records since they were just entered into evidence.

Two other witnesses briefly took the stand.

State prosecutors said Mitchell is the last witness they are calling to the stand.

Lead prosecutor Peter Gillman said it could be as soon as Wednesday the jury will break for deliberation.  

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