Despite Nationwide Tamiflu Shortage, Valley Pharmacies Stock

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This flu season is one of the worst in years.

Roel Rodriguez is a Pharmacist at Lee's Pharmacy in McAllen.

He says they always see an uptick in flu cases in the winter, but this flu season has been especially bad.

"Basically, from 7 in the morning all the way to midnight when we close, we're either seeing someone who just got released from the clinic and needs the tamiflu," said Rodriguez.

However, Rodriguez says they've been able to keep flu vaccines and Tamiflu on their shelves this flu season.

"We have all the stocks available. We actually get calls every night making sure that we have some, so we're stocked up. We're getting some every day," Rodriguez says.

Not everyone gets vaccinated.

Norma Lisa Cuna has two daughters, ages 3 and 11.

Cuna says she chooses not to give her kids the flu shot.

"No, I don't do that," Cuna says. "For some people, they get a really bad reaction it's a really strong reaction which is why I've never done it for my kids."

She says parents of kids with the flu should not send them to school when they're sick since they could infect other students.

"It's the responsibility of the parents if you see your kids sick, instead of taking them to school, take them straight to the doctor," Cuna says.

Rodriguez says for Cuna and others who think they could get sick from the flu vaccine, that is not the case because there is no live flu virus in the shot.

"It's not really possible for you to get sick from the vaccine," Rodriguez says. "What you might be feeling is maybe a mild cold coming on, or your body preparing itself to fight against the actual flu virus that you might encounter later on in the season."

He says it's not too late to get your flu shot.

Flu season lasts from October through early April.

"It's still plenty of time to protect yourself and your family, so we got all of February and all of march to go, so come on in," Rodriguez says.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, people most at risk for getting the flu are children younger than 5-years-old, adults 65 and older and pregnant women.


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