Downtown Harlingen Businesses Trying to Rid of Weeds

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HARLINGEN – Harlingen business owners said they’re having problems with weeds that are sprouting around their buildings.

Leo Garza, a business owner, said the plants aren’t aesthetically pleasing.

“They are visibly, visually not attractive. We know it’s a weed. It’s not a plant… that has beautiful flowers,” he said.

The weeds are also causing a health concern for some especially for those with allergies.

“One of my daughters and my wife do sneeze a lot,” Garza said.

He said he’s constantly pulling them out, but he can’t seem to uproot the problem.

“Probably two to three times a week because they spring up very fast,” the business owner said.

In order to tackle weeds people have to take tug out the roots. If the root stays, then they’ll just continue to grow. It’s a problem for downtown Harlingen since most of the area is concrete.

Jimmy Wilson, a lawn care expert, said there actually isn’t much that can be done to stop the weeds from growing.

“Well, it’s going to keep coming back and you’re always going to have an issue with something trying to grow there. It is always going to be an issue,” he said.

Wilson advised people to actually pull the weeds while they’re small.

“There is no weed eradication. There is weed control. No matter what environment you go into there’s going to be some kind of weed that always exists. So it’s always going to be a constant maintenance issue,” he said.

Wilson said if people leave them to grow, they can become more difficult to take care of later.

The city is also doing what they can to stop the spread of the weeds. Crews go out and spray problems areas twice every two weeks.


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