'Everything is gone': San Benito father and son lose home after fire

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A father and son are left with just the clothes on their back after their home went up in flames in San Benito early Friday morning.

The fire started around 3 a.m.

Molly Gonzalez was driving by the house located on Iowa Gardens Road when she saw a car on fire and called 911.

Gonzalez says she started honking her horn to alert whoever was inside the home.

“Eventually, when the car did start popping, the kid woke up and the older gentleman woke up," Gonzalez said.

The boy tells Channel 5 News that when he saw the fire, he went back in the house to wake up his father, David Juarez.

When they came out, they tried to get the fire under control.

“They started pouring the water, but by the time the fire department arrived, the house was technically all on fire,” Gonzalez said.

Juarez's mom says he worked all his life to build a home for him and his son.

“All his life he has worked hard for what he had in the house,” said Maria De Los Angeles Juarez. “And in a little… it’s gone. It’s all gone.”

Juarez was able to salvage a few items, most notably his wallet. He was too emotional to speak to Channel 5 News on camera.

Juarez and his son are staying at his mother’s house for the time being.


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