Government Lawyers Post Legal Notice in Local Newspaper

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BROWNSVILLE – Government lawyers are renewing efforts to settle nearly 90 cases with Rio Grande Valley landowners whose land was seized to build the border fence.

A 16-page legal notice appeared in a Brownsville newspaper saying hundreds of landowners have several weeks left to contest how much the government should pay for their land.

The U.S. Justice Department denied any connection between the legal notice and the possibility of a future border wall.

In Roma, at least two landowners said they’ve been visited recently by lawyers who want to wrap up their land cases.

No fence was built in Roma, though residents there are worried that the government may now be returning.

In 2006, Congress passed the Secure Fence Act. About 700 miles of fencing was installed, covering about one-third of the border.

An estimated 100 miles were built in Texas. 


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