Harlingen Woman Worried about Donating Online

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WESLACO - A Harlingen woman who wants to help the shooting victims in El Paso wants to make sure her donation is legitimate.

71-year-old Matilde Perez-Lozano says she was deeply saddened when she heard the news about what happened in El Paso.

She says she has since donated some money to El Paso victims at a local store, but she's hesitant when it comes to donating online.

She wants to know how to avoid having her money stolen.

"Unfortunately there's so many people that have taken advantage of the situations to do fraud. I mean, golly, it's bad enough as it is you know," says Perez-Lozano.

We reached out to the Better Business Bureau's office in Weslaco to find out what someone can do when they donate online to make sure their money is going to the right place.

Dolores Salinas, president of Better Business Bureau South Texas, says it is very hard to verify what web pages are legitimate.

She also says it is hard for donors to ask how the money will be used, and that it is best to hold off for now on making online donations  and to be extra careful  with crowdfunding.

Salinas adds residents can always call Red Cross at 1-800-red-cross or email Salvation Army at donations@salvationarmyusa.org to donate.

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