Judge Signs Temporary Restraining Order to Halt Palmview Special Election

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PALMVIEW – The special election for the mayoral race in Palmview is on hold after a judge signed-off a temporary restraining order.

The state voided out the recent Palmview mayoral election after the state secretary’s office rated November’s election as incorrect.

KRGV’s Michael Scott explains Ricardo Villarreal was declared the winner of the race. His name was in a section which only listed unopposed elected candidates, a section where voters didn’t have a say.

Though he ran unchallenged, under Texas election code he still needed at least one vote to win.

On Friday, Villarreal filed a lawsuit against the city of Palmview, asking the court to declare him as a winner since he ran unopposed.

He also asked for a temporary restraining order to be granted to stop the city from holding another election; a district judge signed off on the restraining order.  

The hearing is set to take place in January.

Watch the video above for the full report.


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