Jury Deliberating in Cameron Co. Official's Trial

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CORPUS CHRISTI – A jury continues to deliberate the fate of Cameron County Tax-Assessor Collector Tony Yzaguirre Jr.

A decision on one count is going to keep the deliberation going into Friday.

Thursday afternoon the jury sent a note to the judge telling him they had reached a verdict on all counts of the indictment expect one. It’s count 22 of official oppression that they can’t agree on.

Jurors were dismissed at around 5:00 p.m. The judge instructed them to go home and think about the last count and what questions they may have about it.

The count deals with the allegations that Yzaguirre had his tax office lieutenant pat down the DPS informant, looking to see if he was wired going into their meetings.

Although the jury has reached a verdict on the other counts, those verdicts will not be announced until they have made a decision on the last count.

Former Cameron County Clerk Joe Rivera was called to Corpus Christi to testify as a character witness, in case Yzaguirre is found guilty on any of the charges.

“Nobody is guilty until the final guilty, you know. I think some of those charges are ridiculous but that’s the name of the game. I’m here to give him support and whatever else I can do for him,” he said.

The jury will also decide on punishment if Yzaguirre is found guilty.

The jury will reconvene at the Nueces County Courthouse at 9 a.m. on Friday.


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