Mold Issue Forces Mission Family Out of Home

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UPDATE (11/1): The Mission family forced out of their home due to mold will soon be able to go back to their home. 

Esperanza Homes has begun making progress in the home. 

On Thursday, they started to clean up the mold and started fixing the air conditioner that may have been the root of the problem.  


MISSION – A Mission family says they were forced out of their home due to a mold problem.

The Moreno family has been living out of their suitcases after being told their home wasn’t safe to live in.

Vietnam War Veteran Mario Moreno says not only is his health at risk but it is also affecting what he calls his duty – attending funerals of fallen soldiers.

"We had three different A/C inspectors and they all came out to the same conclusion, including our house insurance representative. The same conclusion: poor workmanship on behalf of the company,” he explains.

KRGV’s John Paul Barajas reached out to Esperanza Homes about this issue.

A technician evaluated the home and believes the problem stemmed from the homeowner's lack of maintenance. They are looking into a solution for the family.

Watch the video above for the full story. 


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