New Police Unit to Fight Crime

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PALMVIEW – The Palmview Police Department has a new unit aimed at cracking down on crime.

Palmview Police Chief Chris Barrera says the new special operations unit was created this month. He said the goal is to dig deeper into their investigations.

Barrera said new special operations unit focuses on illegal gambling, stash houses, narcotics, and weapons. He said the investigators' job is to leave no stone unturned.

Just a few days ago, they raided an illegal gambling facility.

"We received a call about that one maybe about two weeks ago," he says. "So we actually had those investigators go out there, conduct surveillance, do traffic stops, get interviews, get statements before we actually went in there and did the raid," said Chief Barrera.

More than 20 machines were seized, 11 people cited, and two arrests.

He said they want to find out where everything is coming from; whether it's illegal gambling machines, stash houses or narcotics.

"The unit actually goes out, interviews individuals, brings them in. If they're in jail, talks to them to find out where are they getting it from," said Chief Barrera.

That's something winter Texan Brian Lunn says makes him feel at ease while he's down here living in Palmview.

"Makes us feel safer, coming down because you hear a lot of horror stories," said Lunn.

Lunn said the crackdown is a great idea for the community.

"We want to be safe, just like everybody," he said. 

Barrera urges everyone to call the police if they see anything suspicious, so they can investigate.


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