Officials stress the importance to Starr County residents to participate in 2020 Census

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RIO GRANDE CITY – Every 10 years, the U.S. Census determines how much federal funding each state receives to help pay for everything from roads, schools, hospitals, and more.

According to the latest Census data, about 65,000 people live in Starr County, but some say the data is still less than the actual population.

Judge Eloy Vera says the people of Starr County are more vulnerable to economic inequity and instability, making it more important for residents to partake in the census.

“Starr County has always been economically deprived. Our unemployment has been through the roof. Our poverty has been really high. Because most of our people are migrant workers. They're working out in the fields,” explained Vera.

Ron Garza, a key organizer for all things related to the Census in the Rio Grande Valley, says rural communities, like Starr County, have the most at stake when it comes to the 2020 Census.

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