OIG Audit: PSJA ISD Used More Than $50K in Unallowable Costs

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UPDATE (6/22):  PSJA ISD officials responded to CHANNEL 5 NEWS’ questions regarding the report of the Office of Inspector General.

The report stated PJA ISD used more than $50,000 in “unallowable funds” to cover travel and consultant expenses.

As we reported Wednesday, the district disagreed with the finding of the audit.

PSJA ISD Public Relations director Arianna Vazquez-Hernandez provided us with the following statement, which reads in part:

“The Inspector General questioned whether some of the grant expenditures fall within their guidelines despite the fact that they had been pre-approved by the Department of Justice.”

Hernandez said the OIG reports the school district can appeal and provide extra information. 


WESLACO – A federal audit found a Rio Grande Valley school district misused grant money.

The Office of Inspector General report shows PSJA ISD used thousands of dollars inappropriately.

The Pharr-San Juan-Alamo school district was awarded a grant to enhance programs, school safety and equipment in October 2014. The grant, provided by the Office of Justice Programs, is listed until September of 2017.

OIG auditors said PSJA ISD used $52,200 in “unallowable costs” in October of 2016.

The misused funds included the use of consultants. The OIG said the district paid $3,000 a day for their services. But the approved amount for consultants is $650 a day.

The report stated other costs in question are travel expenses.

The audit said the district spent more than $2,000 in travel costs not approved by the budget or in a grant adjustment notice.

The agency provided two recommendations for the Office of Justice Programs on the grant: It suggested the district remedy the money used in the unallowable costs, and for PSJA ISD to develop written policies and procedures for acquiring and monitoring sub-recipients.

PSJA ISD responded to the audit saying they disagree with the findings.

However, school officials said they agree with having a new procedure for sub-recipient monitoring.

Since the audit, the school district added one-on-one training to their staff using forms.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to district officials Wednesday evening. We are awaiting their response. 


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