Petition calling for masks in Texas schools gaining traction online

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A new petition calling on Gov. Greg Abbott to reverse banning Texas schools from requiring masks is gaining traction.

The petition, created Saturday on Change.org, has garnered more than 5,700 signatures. Now some Valley parents are weighing in on whether school districts should be allowed to make their own decisions regarding students wearing masks on campus.

The petition states in part that with the COVID-19 Delta variant on the rise in the area, Gov. Greg Abbott banning Texas public schools from requiring masks puts "unvaccinated and medically vulnerable students and staff at risk."

Father of two Jesse Martinez says wearing a mask is a small way to keep his kids and others safe. Martinez says he hopes this petition will grab the governor's attention and soften his position on masks.

"I think the governor needs to stop dictating on what the mask is or using it as a political game to gain votes," Martinez said. "The kid's lives are more important than getting votes at the moment. "

As of now, students will be going back to school in person, but masks will not be required.


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