Physicians call on Gov. Abbott to drop ban on masks and vaccine mandates

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Texas physicians are asking Gov. Greg Abbott to allow schools statewide to require masks in schools and mandatory vaccinations for those who are eligible.

The doctors made their plea in a joint zoom press call today Thursday, saying Abbott dropping his bans will help decrease admission of young Covid patients in hospitals.

The organization, known as Committee to Protect Healthcare, say they have witnessed those who are in need of emergency care are being turned away due to lack of resources.

“As physicians we are frustrated,” cardiologist Dr. David Portugal said. “We are angry that our leaders are willfully endangering the lives of every Texan. Including patients forced to wait for care and children who shouldn't get sick from what could be a preventable disease."

Gov. Abbott issued an executive order last week to prohibit vaccine mandates mainly for government entities, but it also includes “public or private entity that is receiving or will receive public funds."

Other other vaccines like polio and MMR are required for Texas public school students. 

Now that the Pfizer vaccine has been approved by the FDA for children 16 and older. Committee to Protect Healthcare wants that vaccine added to the list. 

Health professionals say that over 90% of those in ICU beds are unvaccinated. 


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