Property Owner Experiencing Issues with Tenant

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HARLINGEN – Owning a property out-of-state of can come with risks.

A woman who owns Rio Grande Valley property claims her former tenant owes her money. The former tenant disagrees.

The pictures taken from a property owner can show a mess.

"I found discarded tires, metal, broken doors, cabinets lot debris left there once he moved out,” said property owner Sherry Graham.

The United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Sherry Graham owns property in Harlingen. She lives out-of-state.

The former tenant has a different view. His pictures are clean and similar.

Graham said the tenant, Mark Magouirk, left boxes of personal information in the building.

She explained she paid more than $800 to get the building repaired and documents properly removed. Magouirk off camera tells us her statements are false.

They both signed a contract and have receipts and emails. Graham wants to know her next steps.

"I wasn't sure how to go about that; maybe that's something; I would have a lesson learned maybe I was supposed to file a police report for damaged property," she said.

Attorney Gene McCullough focuses on real estate property cases. He said the owner and renter must keep an open line of communication or settle the issue in a courtroom.

"Either file a lawsuit which is a civil matter where they sue for damages and ask the court to award them damages for the damage to the property,” said McCullough.

McCullough explained it's up to both sides to find common ground before it ends up costing them more money.


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