Rio Hondo Parents Concerned Over Notification Failure

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RIO HONDO – A fifth grader from Rio Hondo Intermediate School is safe after an Amber Alert was issued for him.

During pick up time Wednesday, he was released to quote, “an unknown individual.”

Police believed the child to be in immediate danger. It was later revealed it was the child’s mother who picked him up.

One mother shared her concerns with CHANNEL 5 NEWS. The incident has Jovana Gomez questioning her daughter’s safety during pick up time.

Gomez and her husband are amongst the parents that pick up their children from school every day. The family moved from Dallas about a year ago.

She said she’s taught her daughter about stranger-danger, including knowing who is allowed to pick her up in neither parent is unable to.

Gomez mentioned she will go over safety with her daughter tonight. She said it was surprising to hear about the incident this morning from a parent, not the school or through an alert.

“I thought it was somebody from outside the area and she was like, ‘No, it actually happened here,’” said Gomez. “So that kind of alarmed me, because no matter what we always get an Amber Alert and for us to not receive an Amber Alert, especially from a child here, is kinda like, what are you supposed to expect?"

Gomez said she’s glad the 10-year-old is safe, but now wants to know how Rio Hondo ISD is learning from this case to prevent it from happening again.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to the district asking them why a child would be released to what they referred to as an unknown individual. They declined to comment further.


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