SpaceX Requesting ‘Re-Entry’ License

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NEAR BROWNSVILLE – A federal agency is seeking the public’s input before making a decision on whether it will issue a license to SpaceX to land in the Gulf of Mexico.

According to an environmental assessment by the Federal Aviation Administration, the SpaceX is seeking permission to land their rockets in a “splashdown and recovery zone” that would span from the tip of Texas to the southern tip of Florida.

In the study, the FAA states since the splashdown zone is over five nautical miles in radius, and the recovery zone is anywhere from 15 to 140 nautical mile offshore, there wouldn’t be a negative impact to land or marine life.

The public has until May 4 to submit their comments to the FAA.

The agency is asking people be as specific as possible in their comments and email them to Dragon_Gulf_Landing_EA@icf.com

Watch the video above for more information.


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